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Honey may be considered as a source of different simple types of sugar, that is, a highly tonic and sweeting nourishment.
We can obtain, according to different botanic origin of nectar, mono-flower or multi-flower types of honey.
Mono-flower honey is principally produced from one botanic origin.
Instead multi-flower honey, “Millefiori”, is produced from the picking of several different nectars.

We produce seven different types of mono-flower honey and precisely:
Robinia (Acacia), Lime, Chesnut, Clover, Honey-dew, Bramble, Dandelion and a Hill-flower one.
Besides honey, we produce Acacia honey with dried fruit (nuts and hazel-nuts), honey with bitter chocolate cream, honey with hazelnuts cream, propolis, balsamic honey and an alcoholic drink “Honey Grappa”.

Amog our excellent products there is “Mead”, a noble drink obtained from the fermentation of our honey watered down and then left to age in barriques for at least a year.
It seems that Mead is the oldest drink produced by man; in fact already Egyptians, the Greek, Celts and Romans knew this drink that was often aromatized with spices.