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Our farm has got a familiar management specialized in apiculture.
To Oltrepò Pavese County tradition we add the use of modern techniques for bee-keeping and of natural conservation, feeling the necessity to get natural products back in their genuineness and integrity.
To guarantee the quality to consumers, besides careful working techniques, we make use of “Nomadism”, that is, we move the hives into country places furnished with the best flowering and blossoming.
Nomadism allows us to get the pure excellent production of eight different types of mono-flower honey in our Pavia county.
In the last few years, to improve the quality of our products, we have introduced the concept of “Biological Farming” (certificator centre Bios s.r.l.), to eliminate chemical and noxious molecules, taking meticolous care of working process.
Our efforts are concentrated in protecting and improving our products triying to make consumers aware of the great quality of our honey.